Benefits of Effective Debt Management

By Florida law, Sarasota County must submit a balanced budget on an annual basis. Because of that, and because many of the projects the County pursues require significant financial commitment, without the option to utilize debt financing the County would find itself struggling to keep up with current needs. The local government doesnt have a credit card with which to make purchases, but it does have the ability to issue bonds and obtain loans.

Government debt financing works much like how individual debt financing works, a borrower is able to make large purchases by committing future revenue streams plus interest. A mortgage, car loan and/or a credit card are common examples of individual...

Are Down Payments Determined Solely by Dealers?

Something credit-challenged borrowers frequently want to know is the role the dealer plays in determining the down payment required for a car loan

Car loans and down payments

Its called a number of things: down payment, borrower participation or even loan equity. But the fact is that most borrowers with tarnished credit will need to come up with some kind of down payment in order to qualify for a car loan.

But are these down payments determined solely by dealers?

The answer is no. Dealers, in fact, have little or no say in either if or how much a borrower must come up with for a down payment. In most cases, the down payment requirement is based on the loan tier...

Will We Ever Learn? Subprime Lending Is Back!

During 2014, an estimated 40 percent of auto, credit card and other loans went to subprime customers. This involved more than 50 million loans worth some $189 billion. This is the highest number of non-mortgage loans since 2007 when 41 percent of consumer lending went to subprime consumers.

With the rollout of subprime loans, new types of nonbank lenders have appeared on the scene that can target the subprime sector. Because they are outside the traditional banking establishment, the new lenders avoid the regulatory scrutiny generally applied to big banks. Many are brand new firms backed by venture capital or hedge funds seeking higher returns on investment.

The new subprime...

How Moving Violations Affect Car Insurance Costs

At least one survey finds that a single moving violation can raise the cost of auto insurance anywhere from 6 percent to 337 percent

Saving money with bad credit

Here at Auto Credit Express we continue to stress the fact that purchasing a small to mid-size sedan can save credit-challenged consumers money on interest, fuel and auto insurance costs.

But that savings on car insurance wont last if the borrower engages in any type of reckless driving behavior that can range from not wearing a seat belt to driving under the influence.

Just how badly the hit their insurance rates can take is spelled out in a recent study by

Strange but True: New Debt Can Fix Your Credit

If youre in the process of emerging from bad credit, you may be debt-shy. This is an understandable reaction after going through a negative credit experience. However, in rebuilding your good credit reputation, new debt may be necessary in order to show future lenders that you can be trusted to pay back what you borrow.

What is Good Credit?

A good credit history is simply a precedent that you set for potential lenders. There is no way for banks or other creditors to know what your borrowing behavior is like other than what is revealed by your past activity.

  • Your credit report is your financial identity. If you have routinely made timely payments on loan and credit...

Loans for Building a Dream Home

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In profile with David Mond – Chairman of Debt Resolution Forum

In profile with David Mond – Chairman of Debt Resolution ForumFriday 13th March 2015

DMT spoke to the Chairman of Debt Resolution Forum to find out a little more about him.

1. Firstly, what does the Debt Resolution Forum do?

DRF represents a body of debt resolution firms that have committed to a code of standards which is recognised by the Money Advice Service.

DRF provides independently accredited training for members staff and a conciliation and complaints scheme for members and their customers.

2. How long have you worked for Debt Resolution Forum and what did you do prior to this?

I am the current Chairman and have been since 2008....

Finance Minister to brief CCI on public debt management & supervision policy …

ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar along with his key economic team members, today (Wednesday) will brief the Council of Common Interests (CCI) on the progress regarding implementation of public debt management and supervision policy.

 CCI in its previous meeting held in May 2014, took briefing from the Finance Minister in this regard and issued directions to further improve the enforcement of said policy. CCI will review progress on its decision on public debt management and supervision policy in a crucial meeting scheduled to be held today (Wednesday).

 Government debt known as public debt, national debt and sovereign debt is the debt owed by a central government. The government...

MGM Resorts (MGM) Stock Falls Today After Rejecting Activist Board Nominees

NEW YORK (TheStreet) –MGM Resorts Inl.
(MGM – Get Report) shares are down 1.9% to $22.42, falling into negative territory almost immediately after the company unanimously rejectedthe four board member nominations ofactivist investment group Land and Buildings Investment Management today.

The move sets up what could be a prolonged proxy battle between the casino operator and activist investor Jonathan Litt and his hedge fund, who vowed to continue to press for the election of its nominees.

The board, as it is currently constructed, is very effective, independent, and diverse and has a broad range of expertise, an MGM spokesperson saidtoday.

Land and Buildings,...

Bad Credit: Why Living in Denial is Harmful

Lets face it: You know that your credit is in bad shape. Maybe you have missed several credit card payments, have a couple of accounts that are in collections, or perhaps your car has been repossessed. Whatever the case may be, youre living with the knowledge that significant damage has been done to your borrowing reputation. So, what should you do?

Far too many people choose to look the other way, pretending that nothing is wrong. After all, it can be difficult to confront your credit issues head-on, but waiting will only make the problem worse. Eventually, having poor credit will be detrimental to the quality of your life, so you should start the reparation process as soon as possible.